In the top right corner of your main screen, click the door button to access your village. Your village is a plot of land with different locations for you to visit that you can customize. This replaces the Bus Stop System. You can also upgrade your village's level with hearts for more land and space and send pets you like to live in your village. 


Your village contains your house (which enters the main care screen with your pet), the Movie Theatre (for playing games and watching ads), the Bus Stop (which takes you to the Plaza), the Mines, the Fruit Tree, and the Hive. THE MINE, FRUIT TREE, AND HIVE DO NOT ALWAYS APPEAR! WARNING!!


Main Article: Vegetables

You can unlock 3 types of vegetables in your village. These are presented as unlockable plant plots which are placed in your village, which provide heart rewards of various values according to the plant type. Radishes give 20 hearts, Turnips give 50 and Dofle give 175 hearts.

Customization Edit

This is a list of the items that are able to be purchased while in Village Edit Mode. Click the shovel button at the right corner of the screen to enter the mode.

This list is a Work in Progress. All information is subject to change.

If a cell reads '???', the name has not been decided for this specific item.

Flowers Edit

Item Cost Icon
Clover 3
White Flower 5
Yellow Flower 5
Hedge 15
Purple Flower 5
Orange Daisy 5
Pink Tulip 5
Lavender 5
Green Daisy 5
Orange Daffodil 5
Toadstool Patch 5
Toadstool 15
Red Rose 5
Purple ??? 5
Orange Tulip 5

Ground Edit

Item Cost Icon
Dirt 0
Grass 2
Red Rock 5
Water 10
??? 5
Leaves 5
Logs 10
Grey Stones 5

Trees Edit

Item Cost Icon
Oak Tree 50
Tree Stump 10
Pine Tree 50

Furniture Edit

Item Cost Icon
Boulder 3
Bench 10
Radish Sign 15
Log Post 5
Campfire 15
Tent 50
Table 20
Turnip Sign 15