Training is one of the key aspects of your Pakka that will determine how it evolves.


There are times when your pet will refuse to eat healthy food items such as broccoli or yogurt (there is a higher chance of it refusing to eat food if its level of happiness is low). When this happens, a red exclamation mark will appear above it and then it will run away from the food. To train your Pakka, you have to pick it up and drop it next to the food. You might have to do this two or three times. Your Pakka will then eat the food, and its training level will go up.

The easiest way to train your pet is to feed it lots of healthy food that isn't as "delicious" (ie. broccoli, bread, yogurt). If your Pakka isn't rejecting the broccoli, you can tap on it to keep it from finishing the food and until you see the red exclamation mark.❗️

You can also drag your Pakka away from the food after it takes a bite, and your Pakka might reject the food if it tries to eat the food again. This method does not always work, but sometimes it does. Most of the time only vegetables work. It depends on what your Pakka really hates.