The Cave is one of the different buildings you gain as you level up your village. The Cave can be unlocked by hitting level 6 and putting up the Cave Entrance in your village.

There are three different levels in the Cave, each with different items you can mine or find on the floor. To unlock the second floor you will have to pay the Miner 1,600 hearts and 3,500 hearts for the third one.

The Miner will give you the first pickaxe for free, but after that you will have to pay 50 hearts to buy another pickaxe. You can mine by first finding a crack on the wall and tapping on it. A bar with green, grey and red areas appear. You have to tap on the screen when the moving blue bar is on the green area. If you tap when the bar is on the grey area, your pickaxe will take some damage, and if it takes too much it will break. But if you tap when the bar is on the red area, it will break directly and you will have to get another pickaxe to finish mining. You will get your items after 3 successful taps. 4th floor of the mine is undiscovered

First floor Edit

Item Loot
Rock Quartz Iron
Poison Shroom Iron Ingot Heart Gem (Medium)
Mushroom Small Topaz Golden Statue (+3,000 hearts)

Second floor Edit

Item Loot

Rock Fly Small Amethyst
Iron Ingot Small Topaz Heart Gem (Medium)
Chu Bud Small Citron Heart Gem (Large)
Golden Statue (+3,000 hearts)

Third floor Edit

Item Loot
Small Amethyst Ruby Shard (Called Citron from a bug)
Small Citron Heart Gem (Medium)
Small Emerald Heart Gem (Large)
Golden Statue (+3,000 hearts)